UNDERSTANDING SANDSTONE PRINTING What is Full Colour Sandstone Printing?

Full Colour Sandstone 3D Printing distributes binder material and coloured ink in a layered manner on a powder bed to produce colourful visual prototypes. A sealant can be applied post-printing to improve durability and brightness.

This approach is favoured for prototyping of figurines, miniatures, decorations, and other visual models. However, note that Sandstone 3D prints can be brittle, and should be handled with care.


We use the latest Sandstone technology to produce vibrant, colourful prototypes for architectural, marketing, and decorative applications. A rare material capable of full-colour prints, we produce detailed models and offer specialized post-production services to ensure your model pops.

Available Full Colour Sandstone printing colours include any combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. We also offer natural and glossy finishes for Sandstone prototypes. Ask one of our experts which finish is right for your prototype.

Why Choose Us

  • Vibrant

    Create bright, colourful visual models.

  • Accurate

    Print accurate architectural models.

  • Customizable

    Choose from a variety of colours and shades.

Our manufacturing capabilities Globally accessible rapid prototyping and production.
Any industry, anywhere in the world.

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