How to obtain a quote?
The 5-step quote request process.

The 5-Step Request is a streamlined process for acquiring 3D printing services. Initially, users click "Request a Free Quote". Next, they create and activate an account. Then, they upload a CAD file, choosing between a custom or instant quote. After receiving and approving the quote, payment is made. Finally, they await a tracking number or pickup notification for their printed prototype.


Click on Request a Free Quote

Embark on your 3D printing adventure by simply clicking the 'Request a Free Quote' button. This user-friendly starting point is designed to be seamless and inviting, paving the way for a hassle-free experience.


Create and Activate an Account

Become a part of our innovative community by creating your personal account. This step involves filling out essential details and activating your account, ensuring a secure and personalized experience throughout your 3D printing journey.


Ideas to Life - Upload a CAD File

Here, you upload your CAD file, transforming your digital design into a tangible reality. Opt for a custom quote for specialized projects, or select an Instant Quote for swift estimates. Some models may require additional validation from our dedicated 3D Print Prototypes team, guaranteeing precision and quality in every print.


Upload Your CAD Files and Get an Instant Quote

Whether you need standard 3D printing services or have unique requirements such as volume orders or specialized jobs, simply upload your CAD files. Our system will generate an instant quote for most projects. For customized solutions, feel free to request a review of your parts for a tailored quote and solution. Enjoy a seamless and efficient process for your transactions.


Await Tracking Number or Pickup Notification

The last step is a waiting game for your tracking number or local pickup notice. This is when your printed prototypes are getting ready to reach you, marking the successful completion of your request. The anticipation builds as you await the arrival of your 3D printed creation.

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